Dallas L.D. Strimple

Partner, Attorney

An avid researcher and disciplined writer, Dallas Lynn Dale Strimple serves environmental, class action, and tribal clients by first breaking complex case subjects into their elements and synthesizing  information into simple themes. Dallas studied math at the University of Central Oklahoma, where he received the Vice President's award for Outstanding Individual. Dallas continued his studies at the Tulsa University College of Law, where he found his skills in logic and reasoning from mathematics useful is distilling legal problems down to their basic elements. He uses this skill today in his civil litigation and appellate practice.

Not content to stay in his books & research databases, Dallas is also active in Tulsa leadership. He served as the president of his TU Student Bar Association and is now aspiring to reshape environmental & land policy in Oklahoma. This passion for leading policy towards a flourishing Oklahoma tomorrow keeps him sharp on regulations and land-use cases.

Dallas' connection with the earth began on his family's small cattle and chicken farm, where he learned about complex systems from his dad, a plumber, and grandpa, the inventor of the first automatic chicken breading machine for KFC. This experience in nature among vocal, critical thinkers, has served Dallas well by helping him patiently hear & discern the underlying nature of the many issues brought to the IAE team. And for fun on the farm, Dallas and his brother would hook up sleds to the back of their farm vehicles in order to surf across their property.

Today, Dallas enjoys pampering his wife and partner Natalie with exciting vacations, along with trips to the Tulsa Performing Arts Center. Dallas also keeps his hands to the Earth through yard work & gardening.


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