Matthew D. Alison

Partner, Attorney

As an ardent proponent of private property, Matthew believes this entails not only individual rights but, also, individual responsibility. When balanced, these rights and responsibilities empower people to steward natural resources in the way they best see fit – for this generation and for those to come.  No one is better positioned to manage the land and its natural resources than those who live, breath, and work on it.  Yet, how your neighbor utilizes their land can – and often does – impact how you can utilize yours.  And, similarly, use of your own property can be impaired by far-removed actions of policymakers and governmental employees with little understanding or appreciation of the hardships their (in)actions can cause.  As we see all too often, property rights are trampled and dreams are shattered because someone else didn’t consider the ramifications of their actions.  And, now, what are you to do?  You cannot simply un-pollute the aquifer or de-contaminate your field.

It is environmental concerns exactly like this that compelled Matt to law school.  When limited environmental consideration which focuses on the near-term brings unanticipated risks or harms and compromises long-term sustainability for those not involved in the decision-making process, there has to be a better way.  By aiming to ensure Due Process at the frontend, we can work to prevent these harms from ever occurring.  However, when they do occur, you have options.  With a demonstrated record of long-term commitment – for the environment and for the people – we are here to work with you and for you as you work to piece it back together.

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