Matthew Alison


Matthew Alison was content living on his family's beautiful 800-tree orchard in Kansas until he watched politicians push for policy that was driving our country's ground water and ecology into irreversible pollution. Willing to speak for the trees, Matthew went back to school at the University of Tulsa's College of Law, receiving highest honors. His earth stewardship and understanding of interconnected Indian rights leads him to and through many water, environmental, and land-use cases, not only winning temporary victories for our planet, but preventing losses that can't be turned back.

Equally as passionate about the land its people, is Matthew's wife Marissa. They met in college around service and cross-cultural learning in central america and found that their hearts beat in sync for the many unheard voices. His wife is now active in a Tulsa non-profit addressing the vast broken class rooms of Oklahoma's public school system. Since moving to Tulsa two years ago, the Alisons dove headfirst into Tulsa life by moving downtown, walking distance from their church and offices.

When Matthew is not protecting the land, he's enjoying family time with their baby son Milo or biking all around Tulsa. Matthew's love for cycling is so great that he started a 500+ bike co-op among friends, initially to show hospitality to his school's many international students without transportation.

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