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Environmental law involves the complex interplay of administrative policies, state law, federal law, and personal rights. We provide services in all aspects of environmental litigation, including environmental damages to property, regulatory compliance, permit applications, and citizen suit actions.

In Native American Law, we have unique experience in large cases, especially with trust accounting. We established a new cause for Indians to sue the federal government in the Tenth Circuit in a case written by Justice (then Judge) Gorsuch. And we've settled three Indian Trust accounting cases worth more than $200,000,000. We've also negotiated compacts between tribal and state governments, placed tribal property into trust, defending tribes’ natural resources, and defended Native American sovereignty in tribal, state and federal courts.

“We’ve relied on them on several occasions where long-term focus was of the utmost importance”
Joe Thompson — Native American Client
“We wouldn't feel comfortable trusting anyone else to represent our community”
Helen McNaught — Land Right Claim

Native American Gaming

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Gaming has its legal challenges. We helped a tribe obtain land in trust, made it eligible for gaming, negotiated with the federal administration, brought a conclusion of significantly beneficial agreements, and supervised the administration of those agreements to ensure the most return for the tribe.

Notably, we don't accept payment from anyone other than the tribal entity – a lot of tribes have been taken advantage of by the lawyers getting paid for by the other side of the case, so in those cases the tribe really doesn’t have a lawyer. We only serve the Tribe (or its business arm) don't want conflicts of interest.

Water is the lifeblood of Oklahoma and our country. We’ve drafted new water laws that were passed by the Oklahoma legislature, defended those laws to the Oklahoma Supreme Court, and protected (and continue to protect) drinking water for hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans in Central Oklahoma.

Complex Litigation

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The law doesn’t always provide a remedy for tough cases, but it should.  We take the initiative when cases have no clear solution. We have been (and are) national lead and class counsel in numerous cases that have created new remedies and have protected the environment, police officers, and our constitutional rights or entitlements under consumer protection laws.

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