City Of Piedmont, Copra and Apex Clean Energy Sign Wind Energy Agreements

City of Piedmont, Central Oklahoma Property Rights Association (COPRA), and Apex Clean Energy today announced the signing of two wind energy agreements...

Piedmont, OK, [December 9, 2013] – The City of Piedmont, Central Oklahoma Property Rights Association (COPRA), and Apex Clean Energy today announced the signing of two wind energy agreements, one between Apex and the City of Piedmont and one between Apex and COPRA. These agreements come after months of negotiations between the parties and the Agreement between Apex and the City of Piedmont defines a boundary governing where wind turbines may be placed in relation to the City of Piedmont. This boundary will replace the boundary established by Piedmont Ordinance 591, which, as a part of the agreement with the City, has been repealed by the Piedmont City Council.

“I appreciate the efforts of Apex in working with us to address the concerns of our citizens,” said Jim Crosby, City Manager of the City of Piedmont.

“COPRA and APEX have been in engaged in good-faith negotiations for several months. COPRA has been working on behalf of member landowners and local citizens and we are very pleased that the agreement is now completed. We would like to especially thank Jim Crosby, Piedmont City Manager, and the City of Piedmont for working with local residents to secure this agreement. We would also like to express our gratitude for the dedicated efforts of Canadian County Commissioner Phil Carson, Senator Rob Johnson and Representative Colby Schwartz,” said Pam Suttles on behalf of of the Central Oklahoma Property Rights Association.

“We are committed to working with nearby communities when we develop wind energy projects,” said Kent Dougherty, Apex Director of Project Development. “Projects like Kingfisher Wind will offer economic benefits to local landowners and county residents, and we are pleased that we have been able to find a way to build the project that addresses the concerns of the City of Piedmont.”

The Kingfisher Wind project will include property in northern Canadian County and southern Kingfisher County. No turbines will be placed within Piedmont City limits. Kingfisher Wind will generate enough electricity to power about 100,000 homes.

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